Oreteti Community Conservancy

Split by the spectacular Sieku valley, Oreteti (which means olive tree in the local language Maa) Conservancy  is a community conservancy located on the southern edge of the Mukogodo forest on Makurian Group Ranch.

Oreteti has sweeping views over Mt Kenya and the neighbouring Borana Ranch, Il Ngwesi and Olosos Mountain and is part of the 70,000 acres of the natural indigenous Mukogodo forest – a haven for birds, butterflies and wildlife.

Three years ago, the group ranch set aside an area for conservation (Oreteti). The area is protected, but grazed during droughts. A board has been established to manage the conservation area. 400 households are registered in the group ranch.

Livelihoods are mostly livestock based but charcoal burning and trading, business and casual work are widespread activities.